Voluntary Bar Association Of Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Law Students, And Businesses
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Voluntary Bar Association Of Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Law Students, And Businesses
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President’s Message

Thanks to the Board for the honor bestowed upon me as the selected president of the South Broward Bar Association (SBBA). I am committed to continuing to offer new members and judicial participants opportunities to strengthen community relationships between the bench and the bar. 

After a two-year health crisis, almost all public meetings stopped. I am happy to announce that we are now reinitiating in-person meetings. We began with our Board Installation Gala that was quickly followed by the May Law Day. Please check our web page and look out for our monthly announcements of events.

I want to thank the board for two successful events because officers and board members have provided full support. Through their actions, they have demonstrated a level of comradery that is truly rare. I think the SBBA is a nurturing environment for new and veteran lawyers. It has something special to offer all of its members. Moreover, your participation will be rewarded with the opportunity to be placed in a leadership position.

The two immediate past presidents, Steven B. Farbman and Bernardo (Ben) Protano have handed me a healthy and fiscally sound organization despite the challenges of the pandemic. Both of them, through their leadership and good judgement have been an inspiration. They also offered a learning platform to all of us within the SBBA.

In addition to the accomplishments of our past presidents, it is important to note that all of the board members are accomplished lawyers with management skills to share. Mine as an Assistant General Counsel at the Department of Juvenile Justice is in government and greatly differs from many of you who are in private practice. I believe our combined different backgrounds contribute to a rich exchange of ideas and skills.

However, to my surprise, when I joined the SBBA several years ago, I sought to gain some bona fides for community involvement.  I soon became known to and familiar with many judges in Broward County and I gained valuable insight into how they think as well as recognition through their contact at the monthly lunch. They knew me by first name. That may sound trivial but when representing a client, such experience is a competency.

Perhaps the most important benefits are professional growth in leadership skills and a greater ability to work with others. The platform of qualified professionals throughout the legal spectrum of practice areas can help by generating referrals. It offers an effective way to improve both attorneys’ and providers’ businesses.

The benefits of collaboration extend to the bench in Broward. Judges are given a platform to communicate with large groups of lawyers about changes, concerns and trends in the law. SBBA has a relaxed and collegial environment that allows them to personally interact with lawyers.

I will proudly continue to offer SBBA services to the Broward legal community. Please come and share lunch as well as other fun activities with us and enhance your professional footprint.

I look forward to seeing new lawyers, longtime members and judges in future events.

With warm regards,

Haccord J. Curry, Jr., President of the South Broward Bar Association.

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