Voluntary Bar Association Of Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Law Students, And Businesses
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Voluntary Bar Association Of Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Law Students, And Businesses
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President’s Message

It is an honor to serve as the president of the South Broward Bar Association (SBBA).  Preceding me are some of the most dedicated attorneys whose relationships in the community and willingness to work hard have always been on the table for the advancement of this organization and perpetuation of its educational and collegial purpose.  While the last few years have proven that innovation emerges from our most challenging moments, they also have shown indisputably that leadership, vision and courage were not lacking in our local and legal community.  Together we experienced the unprecedented and accelerated rise of online proceedings and digital exchanges which served to modify in various ways the manner in which we interact, learn and practice.  And now, here we are on the other side of COVID -19 with burgeoning opportunity, renewed energy and the ability to make things happen.  My hope this year is to be able to capture the interest, vision and experiences of our rising lawyers – all of whom have had to learn and grow in vasty different ways than did we and our predecessors, and meld their fresh perspectives with the tried and true tradition in order to bring forth further, solidly grounded innovation and shared experiences for the benefit of our local legal community.

Historically and currently, one of the most valuable benefits that membership in the SBBA offers is the regular opportunity for meaningful engagement with our judiciary, general membership, legal service providers, and educators.  This year we will continue to offer in-person events for our members to network, interchange ideas, and grow professionally. Beyond that, and with our Board’s guidance we aim to develop new events that are relaxed and conducive to the types of chatter that make positive impacts in our community.  This includes partnering with our local law schools, creating scholarships, inter-VBA events, and providing leadership opportunities for all who are interested and committed.

One thing is certain, there is only room for optimism where there is continued involvement from all of our members and sponsors.  Our installation dinner was truly spectacular in this regard and for that I thank all who came, contributed and made it so.  If we keep in mind that what we give is given back in multiples, I have every expectation that this year will be fruitful for so many on multiple levels.  Thank you for this opportunity to serve.


Jeannete Lewis

President of the South Broward Bar Association

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