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Voluntary Bar Association Of Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Law Students, And Businesses
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We, the Board of the South Broward Bar Association [SBBA] hope this letter finds you, your families, colleagues, and friends staying healthy and safe. With all of us suddenly confronted with having to navigate the challenging and uncharted waters of the past several weeks, it is with gratitude and admiration that we extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to our State and Federal Judiciary for having the vision and fortitude to so quickly and ably forge a way for us — ardent followers of precedent, to continue serving our clients and community during these unprecedented times.

While we have every hope and expectation that all of us will emerge from this pandemic stronger and more resourceful, if we take a moment to appreciate the irony presented by the greater sense of community and common purpose that has grown out of isolation and the human tendency toward personal survival, it is clear we are called to greater purposes.

All this notwithstanding, we understand the disruption and financial pressures that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on our member attorneys and sponsors. We want to underscore that the SBBA genuinely values your loyalty, patronage, and sponsorship and want you to know that we remain committed to you.

Toward that end, our Board of Directors has implemented measures to help our members and sponsors and we continue to pursue ways in which we still may provide value to you during these difficult times. The measures implemented thus far include:

  • Dues for members and sponsors of the SBBA are waived for 90 days and thereby memberships and sponsorships are being extended for 90 days;
  • In lieu of our monthly luncheons at Tropical Acres, we invite everyone to attend our monthly remote Zoom lunches which will be on the first Thursday of each month (as long as necessary) and which will commence at Noon on June 4, 2020. We appreciate our sponsors and we will invite them to take the platform during these meetings in 30 second intervals to allow us to learn about their companies and services;
  • For our July 9, 2020 luncheon meeting we are inviting all of the judicial candidates seeking election and providing them an opportunity to address the attendees; again, at these meetings our sponsors will be orally recognized by our newly installed President, Steven Farbman and time permitting, accorded another brief opportunity to spotlight their services;
  • We will remind everyone of our sponsors by providing their logos on the SBBA email blasts;
  • Our Annual Gala will be rescheduled in the fall (or when deemed safe for groups of 100 or more to congregate).

Please reach out to us by email at info@southbrowardbar.org or by contacting any of our board members if there is anything more we can do to help you. It is our pleasure because we truly appreciate and thank you for your past and continued support of us and our sponsors. Stay healthy and safe!


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